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Group 1 - Telangana Geography (English Medium)

Language: English

Instructors: Rachana Madam

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This course covers- 

1. Geographical extent of Hyderabad State and present Telangana State Physical setting, Relief, Climate, Rivers, Soils, Forest cover and Wild life–distribution, depletion and conservation. Minerals and Energy resources - Coal, Iron and Limestone distribution. Thermal and Hydro Power Projects – Problems and Prospects.

2.  Agriculture- Rainfed/Dry land Agriculture, Drought prone areas and Mitigation Measures. Sources of Irrigation: Canals, Tanks and Wells, Depletion of Ground Water and its conservation- Mission Kakatiya. Industries – Cement, Sugar, Pharma, Electronic, Tourism, IT, ITIR, SEZs. Handicrafts and Household Industries and their problems. Road and Rail Network distribution and role in Economic Development. Population - distribution, growth, density, demographic characteristics (sex ratio, age, literacy, etc.,) Tribal Population - distribution, problems of Tribal areas and policies for Tribal Area Development.

3. Urbanisation in Telangana State, Spatio-temporal changes, Urban Growth and Migration. Evolution and phases of Urban Growth of Hyderabad, transformation from historical to modern cosmopolitan Megapolis, Primacy of Hyderabad in Telangana State, City structure, Industries and Industrial estates, urban infrastructure and transport - ORR and Metro - Problems and Planning - role of GHMC and HUDA (Metropolitan Development Plan – 2031, HMDA), Hyderabad as a Tourist Centre and Global city


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